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Greetings from Consulting and Beyond! Introduction India, as the largest exporter of vaccines, played a crucial role in the global fight against COVID-19 through the Serum Institute of India and initiatives like COVAX, showcasing its…

Merger and Acquisition : Recent trends in India

Mergers & Acquisition: Recent Trends in India Introduction Mergers and Acquisition has been in the raise for the past 5 years in India, according to a Report there were more than 15,000 deals took place…
Featured Image: Key Metrics for Startups

Key Metrics for Startups to be Compiled, Monitored & Actioned on a Continuous Basis

90% of Startups in India fail within five years of operations. One of the widely accepted reasons startups fail to continue their operations beyond 5 years is their inability to raise funds which helps them…
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