Corporate Finance

Corporate finance team acts as a Virtual CFO of our clients’ while handholding them on their journey towards continuous growth and profitability.

We understand client needs for the growth plans and accordingly advice of the type of fund raise and handhold in the journey of fund raise

Our engagement levels are synchronized with client’s immediate objectives while keeping a parallel link to medium term plans.

Our expertise enables

  1. To increase overall top line growth and profitability.
  2. Ascertaining precise cost of products and help in achieving economies of scale.
  3. Optimizing cash to cash cycle.
  4. Prepare Effective Investors Pitch Deck and assist in fund raise

Services offered:

  • Fund Raising - Helps in scaling up  operations/expansion  or to meet working  capital requirements
  • SME IPO: Act as advisor for the company to take effective decision on the IPO. Click to know more
  • Valuation - To know the worth of business so that you can comfortably Pitch to prospective investors
  • Performance Review - Timely check on Profitability. Net worth and Return on investment analysis. Movement of business funds. Analysing cash flows in the recent past.
  • Budgeting - Budgeting revenue and expenditure. Budget variance analysis with actuals. Cash flow projections to tackle liquidity crunch
  • Feasibility - Scenario analysis, Project evaluation, Return assessment, BEP analysis.

Some of our Prominent Milestones

  • Recent history of assisting start-up businesses in Edutech, Home Décor E-Commerce, QSR Chain in developing PITCH DECK for raising capital. 
  • Facilitated a large retailer group to reduce expenses by 12% through Budget Variance analysis.
  • Fund flow management for 70 year old family run business house resulting in turnaround.
  • Supporting an eye care center for analyzing a buyout offer through business valuation and helped the client to grow.
  • Mobilized debts funds amounting to INR 7 Billion in last 8 years.
  • Planned diversification strategy into renewable energy, evaluated the investment option and enabled the client to get price reduction.
  • Prepared a pitch deck for an equity partner for a Commercial complex project worth INR 180 Crores


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