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Featured image: Debt Financing vs Equity Financing

Debt Financing vs Equity Financing: How Capital needs to be structured?

Are you curious about how a company will structure its capital? If so, you’re in the right place! Capital structure is one of the most critical aspects of organizational management that often gets overlooked. In…
Featured image: How to Become an Industrialist

How to Become an Industrialist: Journey of Entrepreneurship

The journey from being a businessperson to becoming an industrialist in a family business involves significant growth, expansion, and transformation. It represents the transition from operating as an individual or small-scale enterprise to becoming a…
Featured image: How To Write A Business Plan For A Bank Loan

How To Write A Business Plan For A Bank Loan

One of the key requirements of any business loan proposal is a well-developed ‘BUSINESS PLAN’. “BP” not only demonstrates that the business has clear roadmap but it also ensures that the lender gets convinced and…
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