Our Proven Sales Strategy Helped A Retail Client Witness A 20% Sales Surge

All a business needs is a strong market presence and a loyal customer base to continue generating revenue. 

Is this true?

A renowned retail chain approached us at Consulting & Beyond to help them overcome sales stagnation. They ticked both the boxes: loyal customer base, strong market presence. However, the company continued to experience sales stagnation for two years. So, as their trusted management consultant in Chennai, we sought to identify the gaps in their way of doing business.

Identifying The Sales-Stagnating Challenges

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of our client’s sales operations and their customer and customer engagement strategies. Based on our findings, we identified the following challenges in their system of working:

An ambiguous sales strategy: The sales team did not have a proper and well-defined sales strategy that adapted to changing market dynamics. They also struggled with procuring accurate results from performance indicators (KPIs) and data points (metrics) related to their sales goals.

Inefficient sales techniques: Their approach towards making a sale was not effective, wherein they failed at leveraging cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Lack of an Incentive Structure: The company did not incentivize employees who worked effectively. This led to a lack of motivation in the sales team to accomplish strong sales targets.

Adopting Our Proven Retail Reviving Strategy For Great Sales

As one of the leading management consulting companies in India, we had to help our client overcome their challenges. So, we introduced the following sales-revival measures:

Enhanced Sales Techniques: Contrary to a popular misnomer, having a strong market presence and a loyal customer base is not enough. It is important to keep the sales channel and funnelling system active which our client lacks at the moment. So, we introduced scientific approaches to strategically execute cross-selling and upselling. The techniques enabled employees to better understand customer needs and meet their demands efficiently. 

Industry Benchmarking Implementations: We compared the metrics of this retail chain company to other similar businesses in the industry and showcased the checkpoints where the company was falling behind competitively. In this process, the company identified areas for improvement and was able to set KPIs and metrics driven by industry-benchmarking results. Finally, they could set defined goals for growth while aligning their sales strategy towards accomplishing those goals.

Revamped Incentive Structures: As we mentioned, the sales team did not have a proper incentive structure in place which was a lacking we had to fill. So, we helped create a competitive and transparent incentive scheme. As a result, we were able to motivate employees to adopt effective sales performance, and thereby, boost sales.

Conducted Employee and Management Training: We didn’t limit our solutions to providing good sales techniques but also trained the staff and management to learn developing strategies for future sales targets. We wanted to ensure a unified understanding and application of the new sales strategies. For this, we made sure to streamline communication and sales implementation strategies between both, the sales employees and the management.

Retail Renaissance: Improvement In Sales 

As the retail company adopted all the measures we introduced, they started to notice a significant growth in sales.

Sales Increase: The retail chain saw an impressive sales increase of over 20% across their stores within the project’s timeframe.

Sustained Growth: The clarity and understanding gained by employees and management alike laid the foundation for sustained sales growth into the future.

-Industry Benchmarking: They set up industry benchmarks

Enhanced Sales Process: The adoption of cross-selling and upselling methodologies revolutionised the way sales were approached. This process made it easier for employees to close deals and cater to customer needs effectively.

Motivated Workforce: The revamped incentive structure led to a more motivated and competitive workforce, driving sales performance and enhancing customer service.

The power of strategic intervention along with a well-structured sales strategy can certainly drive a company to new heights. All one needs is the guidance of a management consultant with the right expertise and professional approach. 

We addressed key areas for improvement and leveraging the strengths of the client’s team. As a result, our management consultant firm in Chennai turned a stagnation scenario into a story of remarkable growth and success. Today, our client has achieved a 20% spike in sales. Not just that; they are now equipped with the strategies, skills, and motivation to sustain growth with employees at every level, actively contributing to the success story.

Therefore, it’s not just about having a strong market presence and a loyal customer base but also about leveraging it the right way. This engagement highlights the importance of strategic planning, employee empowerment, and the adaptability of sales strategies in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

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