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  • Establish a unified and standardized policy for seamless payroll compliance.
  • Ensure adherence to statutory labour laws across diverse locations.
  • Implement an automated payroll system to enhance efficiency and minimize manual errors.
  • Address and resolve challenges related to diverse policies, attendance discrepancies, and potential fraud.


  • A company boasting 10,000 employees, contributing to diverse and rapidly growing operations faced complex policy management. 
  • Intricate and tricky management of attendance and payroll.
  • Struggled with structuring processes.
  • Managing transparency became an issue.

Solutions Delivered

  • Policy Standardization
    • Conducted extensive consultations with stakeholders to understand varied policies.
    • Developed a standardized policy that addressed the unique needs of each location while ensuring overall consistency.
  • Compliance Advisory
    • Provided expert guidance on statutory labour laws, ensuring the company’s policies aligned with legal requirements.
  • Attendance Process Enhancement
    • Advised and implemented a comprehensive attendance process, addressing scenarios such as non-punch, single punch, on duty, late arrival, and lunch punch in and out.
  • Exception Handling Automation
    • Automated exception handling processes for daily scenarios, enabling swift resolution and facilitating a quick month-end payroll process.


  • Efficient Payroll Processing
    • The standardized policy streamlined payroll compliance, resulting in quicker and more efficient month-end processes.
  • Transparency and Accountability
    • Enhanced transparency in time tracking fostered increased accountability among employees.
  • 100% Payroll Automation
    • Achieved complete automation of the payroll system, minimizing errors and improving overall accuracy.
  • Quick Month-End Processing
    • Daily handling of exception situations ensured month-end payroll processing within 3 to 4 days.
  • Fraud Prevention
    • Tagging bank accounts with the payroll database eliminated the possibility of fraud, ensuring accurate disbursal.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
    • Employee cost data availability facilitated informed decision-making regarding cost per employee, division-wise costs, and departmental allocations.
  • Policy Unification
    • Successfully navigated diverse policies across locations, gaining consensus from various stakeholders.
  • Addressing Defaulter Concerns
    • Introduced transparency, revealing defaulters and fostering a culture of accountability.
  • Resolving Overpayments
    • Identified and rectified excess payments resulting from complex exception policies.
  • Fraud Detection
    • Unearthed instances of fraud, preventing unauthorized salary transfers to fictitious employees.
  • Proxy Attendance Prevention
    • Implemented measures to detect and prevent proxy attendance, ensuring accurate time tracking.


  1. What is management consulting all about?

Management Consulting is a professional service that focuses on guiding and assisting organizations to improve their performance and achieve target business objectives. From streamlining processes to automating solutions, implementing optimized financial resources, guiding organizational change, etc. are a few of the many solutions we offer management consultants in Chennai.

  1. Does my business require management consultant services?

We’ve witnessed several companies benefit from management consulting services. Most often, there is a loophole or obstacle which either delays or completely halts the progress of any business. As a management consultant in Chennai, we believe it is essential to gain the prowess and expertise needed to remove all roadblocks that impede a business from reaching new heights.

  1. What types of limitations am I likely to experience in the management of my operations?

There are several problems you may face, including attendance and payroll management, regulatory compliances, organization structure, cost optimization, and human resource management, among many other operational aspects.

  1. What types of limitations am I likely to experience in the management of my operations? 

On the HR front, you are likely to experience the following:

  • The cost of employees should be in control both in headcount and cost in values. 
  • Possibilities of ghost employees or unfair practices of attendance and leaves should be monitored and managed. 
  • Loans and advances recovery as agreed is a grey area. Therefore, it needs to be managed wisely and with professional assistance.
  • Any manual intervention in preparing the month-end payroll computation is an area with potential control-related lapses.
  • The absence of Uniform policies in an organization can hinder the motivation of performing employees.

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