Increase customer footfall at stores

Increase Customer footfall at Store


1. Footfall is defined as the number of people, or traffic, entering a store.

2.It is an important indicator of how successful a company’s marketing is at bringing customers into stores.

3. Understanding footfall also means you can work out other key metrics such as conversion rate and average transaction value

4. It can help you determine demand and staffing levels.  

1. Does you Monitor the Customer flow with people counting ?

It is important to monitor the Customer flow with People counting. Some of the benefits are,

Determine in-store activity

Assess the impact, performance and success of marketing initiatives

Tailor staffing schedules according to footfall patterns

Improve store layout and ease customer navigation

Optimize store performance

Maximize sales potential

Improve peel off rates

Boost sales productivity and identify conversion rate profiles and patterns

2. Does you calculate average visit time with occupancy estimation?

·  For all but the smallest stores, counting visits manually is virtually impossible.

The number of people who enter your store
The number of people who walk by without entering

Unique vs repeat visitors

The frequency of repeat visitors
The average time visitors spend in you store
The percentage of visitors who left your store within 5 minutes (known as bounce rate)

3. Build Customer

Loyalty :

Repeat customers are the foundation of any successful business, so you should consider ways that you can encourage customer loyalty.

You can increase repeat business by offering discounts or incentives to returning customers.

For example, you might choose to offer a discount on a customer’s fifth or tenth purchase.

Loyalty schemes like this are particularly useful if you have direct competitors in the local area as they can help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Improve Presence on Local community:

Retailers often assume they’re in competition with every other business in their area – in fact this may not be the case.
Instead, you might well be able to benefit from partnerships with other local businesses.
Think about ways that you can reach new customers that also go to other related businesses in your area.
For example, if you sell musical instruments, consider asking your local record shop if you can put some leaflets by their point of sale – and offer to do the same in return.

5.Consider Your Offering:

Of course, it’s no good increasing footfall if you’re not entirely confident about the products or services you’re offering.
It doesn’t matter how many customers you get through the door – if they don’t find what they want, they won’t come back.

That’s why it’s a good idea to revisit your business plan and research what your competitors are doing.

You might even spot gap in the market to help you evolve your products or services and offer something new, different, and in demand.
Even if you’re short on time, just some quick research can significantly improve your sales rates.

6. Level up of Customer Service:

1. Finally, think about how reliant we all are on using online reviews to influence our buying decisions.

2. Just reading about someone else’s amazing experience can give that extra bit of social proof you need to buy one product over another one.

3. Our guide to increasing online reviews will help you create excitement, improve your search engine rankings, and

4. It ultimately increase footfall in your shop.

7. Keep up Your Marketing:

·Don’t be limited by the four walls of your shop .
There’s nothing to stop you heading out onto the street in search of customers.
If your products are easy to demonstrate, think about offering samples to passers-by.
This is particularly useful (and easy) for retailers offering food or drink
Just think about how popular free coffee samples can be at building brand awareness.
You could also create an eye-catching A-board or pavement sign with special offers or new stock
Some businesses even try adding a bit of humour.

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